How Long Does Bet365 Withdrawal Take to Bank Account?

How long does Bet365 withdrawal take to bank account?

Every single person betting online wants to be sure of getting their money when they want it. This is not something that you have to worry about with a site like Bet365, thankfully.  Bet365 has proven itself to be trustworthy over almost two decades now and so we have no problems recommending it. You know you will get your money from Bet365 when you want and that is a big relief. How long does Bet365 withdrawal take to bank account? This can vary with the method you use. Let’s find out.

How long does Bet365 withdrawal take to bank account?

You can check the withdrawal methods and the time taken for them to process a payment on the Bet365 site. The methods vary a bit from country to country so make sure you check for the right one. This can be done even before you make an account with bet365.

The time taken to get your money in your bank is about:

  • 1-5 days for a debit card
  • 1-5 days for a credit card
  • 2-10 banking days for a Bank Wire
  • Within 24 hours by Skrill
  • Within 12 hours by Neteller

Moreover, Bet365 does not charge any money whatever method you choose to withdraw your money by. You should think about the withdrawal method at the time you deposit the money because the same method is going to be used by Bet365 to process your withdrawal.

For example, if you use a Bank Wire to send money to Bet365, the website will automatically use it to process your withdrawal.

In conclusion, the time taken to process withdrawals varies a lot by the method. This is why we recommend the use of an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill where the waiting time is the least. These methods are also sure to work with your banks.

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