How Many Casinos are There in India?

India is a country where gambling laws are often unclear and leave a lot of room for interpretation. This is because the basic law that outlaws gambling in India was formulated by the British in 1867. That is right, almost 150 years ago. It has not been updated since then and continues to remain in force even now. There are a few states, though, that have made amendments to the law or brought in their own to legalize casinos. How many casinos are there in India? A fair few actually, however nothing compared to the kind of demand the country has.

How many casinos are there in India?

If you do not include the vast number of online casinos that are functional in the country and only look at the physical casinos, an estimated 21 casinos in 11 different cities of three different states have casinos. Goa, Sikkim, and Diu are the states where casinos are legal.

There are several five-star facilities in these states as well that offer some slots or video poker or other such gaming machines to their guests as well.

The fact that the number of casinos is slow for a country with over 1 Billion people is also the reason why online casinos are thriving in the country. You may be wondering how online casinos are able to function with freedom when gambling is banned in the country. The answer to that lies in the gray areas of the law. There is nothing in the law that makes online casinos illegal. Also, these online casinos are all registered in countries outside India where gambling is completely legal.

This is why these online casinos do not come under the jurisdiction of Indian law.

How many casinos are there in India? There are only a few and concentrated in three states but if you want to really play a casino game then there are endless online casinos to choose from.