How Much is the Minimum Deposit in 1xbet India?

A lot of people in India are curious about online betting but they want to just try it out before fully committing to it. This means that they want to play with a small sum of money until they get the hang of it and frankly, that is a smart idea. How much is the minimum deposit in 1xbet India betting sites? It is much less than what you would have imagined and shows just why everyone can play online with ease.

How much is the minimum deposit in 1xbet India?

The minimum deposit in 1xbet India is 1USD or its equivalent in your local currency. For Indians, this comes to under INR 100. That is a very modest sum to experience a world-class gaming platform that offers some of the best online casino games in the world.

1xbet is not a household name in India and most people outside of betting would not have heard of it. in fact, only those people that follow European soccer closely will have seen the name 1xbet proudly displayed on the front of some of the leading teams in the world.

1xbet is not a small website. it is very good at what it does and  is considered to be one of the best online casinos in the world. It is now focusing heavily on India and will no doubt find success in this endeavor as well.

Best ways to deposit on 1xbet

You may be wondering how to deposit such a small amount. Well, we advise you use something like Neteller that does not charge any fees for depositing money to an online casino. You can use your existing card to transfer the money to your Neteller account and from then on you can use the e-wallet to fund your betting account.

How much is the minimum deposit in 1xbet India? Just 1USD. The small minimum deposit limit is to encourage as many people as possible to come and experience 1xbet.