How Much Is The Minimum Deposit in Melbet?

Betting on sports and playing casino games should be fun. It may or may not involve large sums of money for you and so it is nice to have the option of depositing small sums of money. How much is the minimum deposit in Melbet? It varies a bit for different methods but overall, the minimum deposit is pretty low.

How much is the minimum deposit in Melbet?

There are almost 70 banking options available to Indians for Melbet. This means that you have a plethora of options at your disposal. To Melbet's credit, they have kept the minimum deposit as less as $1 for most of the methods. That is slightly less than INR 100.

This is a big advantage when you want to attract new customers to your website as Melbet is trying to do.

Which method should you use to deposit money to Melbet?

We suggest you explore the different options available and see if you already have an account with one of the payment systems. It is always easier to use something that you already know how to. If, however, you have to make a new account then we advise you to make Neteller.

Our favorite e-wallet, Neteller, is perhaps the global leader in this category. Its purpose is to act as an efficient middleman to facilitate payments between users and online casinos. You can use your existing bank card to deposit money to Neteller and then use it to deposit money to Melbet or any other online casino.

You do pay a little bit of a fee (about Rs.2 for Rs.100) when you use Neteller but we think it is more than worth it. In general, you want your money to be deposited instantly, withdrawn as fast as possible, and to be safe during the entire process. You get all of that with Neteller.