How to Bet Accumulator on Bet365?

how to bet accumulator on bet365

An accumulator bet is one of the most popular kinds of bet and Bet365 makes it very easy to place one. Before you learn how to bet accumulator on Bet365, you should at least know what an accumulator is and why it is so popular.

What is an accumulator bet?

Simply put, an accumulator bet takes multiple selections and combines them to give you much better returns/odds.

For example, you want to bet on three football matches taking place.

-Manchester United vs Bournemouth

-Chelsea vs Aston Villa

-Everton vs West Ham

Instead of betting on all of them individually, you can join them into one single bet. You will still make three picks but you only win if all of them are spot on. The more picks your accumulator has, the more you can win. Bet365 allows trebles also but most other bookmakers have a minimum of four selections to qualify.

How to bet accumulator on Bet365?

Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Bet365 account
  • Go to the betting markets you want to select
  • Make your picks
  • Go to your Bet Slip
  • Bet365 will show you the largest accumulator available for your picks at the bottom of the bet slip
  • You can either select that or choose from other multiple bets by clicking on ‘Show all multiples’
  • Enter your stake next to your choice
  • Select ‘Place Bet’

Betting an accumulator has some serious advantages. Not only can you win a large amount of money by placing small bets, but you can also get odds that standard bets just don’t offer. This allows you to take advantage of matches where the bets may be poor otherwise and meaningless individually.

Lastly, the excitement of watching your returns climb as your bets start coming in is just something else! If you have no tried this already, we recommend you do so. Good luck!

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