How to Bet in Cricket Exchange App?

Is cricket exchange a betting apps? How to bet in Cricket Exchange app? Let’s find out.

How to bet in Cricket Exchange app?

Sadly, you cannot bet using the cricket exchange app. Cricket exchange is not a betting app but provides its users live scores of ongoing matches. However, you can see the odds of upcoming and ongoing matches on the app if you are a premium user of the app. This information can help you to get a fair idea regarding which way a match will go, and you can place bets accordingly on betting sites or physical bookmakers.

The cricket exchange app is available on both, Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. In addition to live scores, it also provides information about upcoming matches and tournaments, pre-match analysis, and rankings of teams and players of both men’s as well as women’s cricket.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a platform that brings together punters who bet against each other rather than a bookie, like in an online sportsbook. They usually charge a commission for each bet placed, and the winnings and losses are settled amongst the punters themselves.

Which is the best exchange to bet on?

Betfair is one of the most popular and reliable betting exchanges available online. The advantage of using a betting exchange to place wagers is that you usually get better and more realistic odds compared to online sportsbooks. On online betting sites, the odds are set by the bookies themselves, while on a betting exchange, the market determines the odds.

Another advantage of using a betting exchange is that you can hedge your bets, by placing both a `back´ as well as a `lay´ bet, while on betting sites, you can only place `back´ bets. How to bet in Cricket Exchange app? That, as we mentioned earlier, does not seem to be possible as of now.