How to Bet Multiples on Bet365?

Betting multiples on the betting sites of Bet365 is very easy. There are many different kinds of multiple bets that you can choose from. We recommend that beginners start out with standard bets until they get the hang of things because multiple bets need a bit more understanding. However, once you do feel ready, you can minimize your losses and maximize your returns. So, how to bet multiples on Bet365 India?

How to bet multiples on Bet365?

  • Log in to your Bet365 account
  • Go to the betting markets you want to bet on
  • Make your picks
  • Go to your Bet Slip
  • The biggest accumulator will be shown at the bottom of the bet slip
  • You can, however, change your bet type from standard to ‘Bankers’, ‘If Bets’, or ‘Teasers’
  • Enter your stake
  • Click on ‘Place Bet’

What is the advantage of betting multiples?

Firstly, you can get better odds and returns that you could ever dream of with just standard bets. It is not uncommon for people to start out with a $10 bet and then end up winning $3000 or so with three decent multiple bets.

Secondly, you can use bets like Bankers to protect your losses. Yes, the odds are a little low but the risk is significantly lower too.

Lastly, betting multiples allows you to enjoy having something on many matches without breaking the bank, You can take advantage of some low-stake no-consequence matches to include them in your multiple and increase your returns.

Is there any disadvantage of betting multiples?

There is no disadvantage as such but you do need more results to go your way before you win your bet. Obviously, getting one result in your favor is easier than four. If any one of your picks fails in an accumulator bet, you will not win anything. A banker bet, however, will still you win even if you get a few wrong.

Good luck!