How To Bet on Cricket in Melbet?

Cricket is India's favorite pastime. It is the number one sport and also the thing that people lose betting on most. Every website that is serious about India has to make cricket a huge part of its offering. Melbet is no different. How to bet on cricket in Melbet? Let us try and find out.

How to bet on cricket in Melbet?

  1. Make an account with Melbet
  2. Deposit some money into your Melbet betting account
  3. Select cricket from the available sports and look for the match you want to bet on
  4. Choose from one of the many betting markets available and then lay your stake

That is it. You have now put some money on the cricket match of your choice. There is nothing too complicated about this process but each step is going to take a small amount of time when you play for the first time.

Making your account at Melbet is very easy. Just click on the ‘Join Now' link and follow the steps. Melbet is known to be one of the websites where you can register in just a few minutes. The authentication process is not very rigorous either, however, you may need to furnish at least one piece of identity proof.

There are over 70 methods of banking at Melbet. You can read about that in more detail right here.

Keep in mind that there is no credit in online betting. Even if you are getting a bonus, you must first make a deposit for your account and bonus to become active.

Once this part is done, the hard part is over. Now you just have to choose the cricket match of your choice and place your bet. This can be done pretty easily. Melbet offers betting markets on almost every single cricket match of significance around the world. We have always found the odds to be competitive as well.