How to Bet on Football Legally?

Football is the world's most popular sport and so it is no surprise that people bet on football more than any other sport in the world. How to bet on football legally? This is something that can be done quite easily from India since the Public Gambling Act 1867 does not say anything about online betting at all.

How to bet on football legally?

The best way is to make an account with one of the reputed bookmakers that offer their service in India. There are a number of bookmakers that you can consider but we would like to recommend bet365. The reason for this is that Bet365 is the world's biggest betting website and is based out of the United Kingdom. Football is the sport that Bet365 was built on and it continues to offer some of the best betting options for every single match.

Making an account with bet365 is quite simple. Just head on over to the website and follow the instructions to register your account. You can deposit some money using the supported methods and then be ready to bet on your favorite football matches.

You will be able to find every single football match that matters on bet365. The number of bets varies from the usual O/U options, win/lose/draw, or to the more exciting multiple bets options. Accumulator bets have helped people make a massive amount of money with relatively small stakes.

The one thing that you should keep in mind while signing up on bet365 is that you are unlikely to get big bonuses while playing here. Bet365 does not have any shortage of players and so it does not need to go out of its way to stay and entice players.

How to bet on football legally? Just sign up with bet365 and start playing.