How to bet on IPL in India?

How to bet on IPL in India

There is no tournament more popular in India or perhaps even the world than the IPL. The 2021 edition had to be called off because of the Covid-19 situation worsening in the country but it is set to come back in the UAE. of course, that is good news to the ears of the bettors who wait for the entire year to be able to put their money on IPL matches. How to bet on IPL in India? That is actually quite easy.

Here is what you need to do.

How to bet on IPL in India?

To be able to bet on the IPL, you can either go down the offline and clearly illegal route or you can bet on the IPL online. As the current law stands, there is nothing that makes betting online illegal and so the biggest bookmakers are able to offer their services to people in India. This is a loophole that is currently being used but the law came in 1867 and has stood since then so there is nothing to say this loophole is going away anytime soon.

To bet on the IPL, you just need to create an account with any of the many bookmakers that offer odds on the IPL. we think 1xbet does a great job at offering you the best odds and some of the most unique betting marets that you can find.

Make an account with 1xbet following the simple on-site instructions and then deposit some money using any one of the supported banking methods. There are nearly 90 banking methods that 1xbet supports so we are sure you will find something that suits your needs.

How to bet on IPL in India? All you have to do is to find your favorite match, explore the batting mrakets and place your stake!