How to Bet on Virtual Football?

You already know that people have a huge appetite for sports and it looks like virtual sports are the next big thing. If you want to learn how to bet on virtual football, you probably already know about the game itself. Let us assume, however, that there are some people here that are not quite aware of what virtual football is and start there.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football is a computer-generated game. Both the teams are computer-generated. There are no real players in the game or controlling the game. The entire thing is virtual, hence the name. The computer program will simulate the entire match and show you just the highlights.

An entire game can be complete in about three minutes!

How to bet on virtual football?

The best online betting sites in India like 10Cric, Betway, and Bet365 offer plenty of virtual football matches to bet on. The matches run live right on the websites and are available 24 hours.

Learning how to bet on virtual football is very easy.

  • Click on the virtual sports section (Some betting websites distinguish between e-sports and virtual sports while others do not)
  • Choose virtual football among the different options available. Similarly, virtual cricket, virtual basketball, and virtual racing are also some other popular options.
  • Select the match and place your bets.

Is virtual football fixed?

Virtual football results depend on a random generator, much like what slot machines use. In fact, players should look at virtual football like a slot machine game rather than actual sport. Yes, the system will always know which side is receiving more bets but that cannot affect the outcome since the random generator is completely separate.

No team is stronger than the other and it all comes down to chance. We advise you to start with bets that have fewer options like win, lose, or draw. This will give you a better chance of winning but feel free to explore more bets once you have got the hang of it.