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How to Change Username in Bet365?

Everything seems to require a username and an account these days and so keeping track can be difficult. Unlike your email address or Facebook, however, recovering your account details can be a bit more difficult. This is by design as Bet365 India does not want to hand over the control of your account to just anybody. You may also want to change your username or password but that again is a little complicated. So, how to change username in Bet365? Let’s find out.

How to change username in Bet365?

Bet365 does not let you change your username. Choose carefully because that is it. You can change your password and even update your personal details but not your username. Maybe it is because Bet365 uses your username for verification to restore your account in case you are locked out. Bet365 clearly takes identity theft seriously.

There may be a hack around this, though.

You can get in touch with Bet365 and ask them to change your betting currency. Once you do that you will essentially get a new account where you can choose your username. A lot of people have had success using this method and so it may be worth a try. Remember that you will have to change your betting currency as well.

How to recover your username on Bet365?

If you do not remember your username, Bet365 can help you recover it.

You will the following:

  • The email address that you used to make your account
  • Date of Birth
  • Your four-digit security number

You can even reset your password using these same proofs of identity.

It is not unusual to forget your four-digit security number as well. In such a situation you will need to contact Bet365 and get an agent to verify your identity. You can read about that process right here. Remember that it is in Bet365's interest to get you gambling again so they will always try to help you!

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