How to check cricket betting market load?

How to check cricket betting market load?

There are a number of ways that bettors try and get an edge. One of them is to check the market load to assess which team they should be backing. How to check cricket betting market load? This is only available on betting exchanges like Betfair or 1xBet. The Betfair exchange is now closed to Indian and so unless you have a pre-existing ID or are using someone else's details, you are not going to be able to make an account with it. 1xBet accepts Indian players with ease and we think it is an excellent option for someone who wants to bet on a trustworthy exchange.

How to check cricket betting market load?

If you have an ID with the 1xBet betting exchange then you will be able to see the number of people that are betting on each team. This is essentially what the market load refers to. For example: If there is a match between India and Sri Lanka. There may be 20k people betting on India and only 5k betting on Sri Lanka. The market load is favoring India to win the match.

The market load tends to favor the favorites in most matches, however, there are some bettors that always bet against the market. If you believe that matches are fixed or that bookies are controlling the outcome of the games then betting against the market load is a good strategy to follow.

Betting exchanges are essentially just pitting one person against the other and so the odds that you get are better than at other betting sites. There is a fixed commission involved for facilitating this bet and so the exchange does not keep any margin while providing the odds.

How to check cricket betting market load? Make an account with a betting exchange and you will get access to the data.