How to Check Cricket Betting Rates?

Cricket betting rates, or the odds of a team winning, are perhaps the most important thing for a bettor. They signify how likely a team is to win or lose. They also help you calculate the return on your stake if you do end up winning your bet. this is sometimes what is called ‘bhaav' in local Indian slang. How to check cricket betting rates? How do you know that the rates you are being offered are good or bad?

Find out all this and more right here.

How to check cricket betting rates?

Cricket betting rates can be found by visiting any online bookmaker. Let us say you go to a trusted website like 1xbet to see those rates. Just click on cricket and look for the match that you are interested in. The rate to win for each team will be displayed right upfront while you can click on it and explore further for additional betting markets.

Let us show you what cricket betting rates mean with an easy example.

India is playing Australia in an ODI to be held in Mumbai. You will see something like: India (1.80), Australia (2.40)

This rate signifies that you will get a return of 1.8 times your money by betting on India and 2.4 times if you bet on Australia. Rs. 100 bet on India will return 180 and 240 if you bet on Australia.

How to check cricket betting rates? Just head on over to any reported online bookmaker and find the rates right there. It is good to check a few different bookmakers so that you are always sure of getting the best rate. There is an element of risk involved in every bet and so make sure you get the best return for that bet.

Having accounts on different betting websites is also a good idea for this reason!