How to Check Player Performance in Bet365?

How To Check Player Performance In Bet365?

Bet365 is a globally recognized name in the world of betting. It also has a loyal customer base which swears by the company. One of the many reasons that players love Bet365 is the unique bets its offers. The player performance market in cricket is unique to Bet365. It is a hybrid between fantasy-style point-scoring and traditional betting. You need to know certain rules to learn how to check player performance in Bet365.

How to check player performance in Bet365?

This betting market assigns a value to runs, wickets, catches, and stumpings similar to fantasy sports. Each run is worth 1 point, each wicket is worth 20 points, every catch is 10 points, and every stumping is 25 points.

You can calculate the player performance by adding the total points accumulated during a match.

How to bet on player performance in Bet365?

Bet365 will offer players with a specific number, which you can then bet over-under on.

For example:

Virat Kohli – 55 Over/Under 1.83

Now, Virat Kohli can get 55 performance points scoring 55 runs or scoring 35 runs and taking two catches. Either way, if you bet ‘Over', you win. Try and think about the conditions and the role a player will play before you place your bet.

Rules to remember

Teams need to face 40 overs each in ODI matches, a minimum of 200 overs in Test Matches, and a full 20 over match must be scheduled in T20 contests. Otherwise, the bets voids unless they have been settled already.

There are no points for a run-out. Total runs are important but strike-rate has no bearing on the points whatsoever. These markets close before a match begins and so money is refunded if your chosen played does not make the playing eleven.

You could have a situation where a batsman does not play a single ball after coming to the crease. A bowler also may not bowl a single delivery even though he in the team. Such bets are complete according to the rules of the game.

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