How to Close My Bet365 Account?

Bet365 India is rated as one of the best betting sites in India and in the world in part for its transparent processes. You may want to close your account with them for one of several reasons. Maybe you did not like the service, maybe you want to shift to another website, or maybe you just want to stop gambling. Either way, if you want the answer to how to close my Bet365 account, just read ahead!

How to close my Bet365 account?

  • Go to and login
  • Click on the member’s area and then head on to the ‘My Account’ section
  • You now need to click on the ‘Responsible Gambling’ option
  • One of the options that will come up is ‘Account Closure’
  • Click on it and select the time frame for which you would like to close your account

A few things to remember

You will be asked about the reason you are closing your account so that Bet365 can improve its service if necessary.  Also, once you close your account for a specific interval, you cannot change your mind.

For example:

If you choose to close your account for 6 months, you cannot change your mind and re-open it after 30 days. You must wait till the time interval you select transpires.

Limiting access to Bet365

Closing your account with Bet365 is an effective method to stop playing, however, there are some other ways you can limit access as well. Self-exclusion is something that is provided as a tool to help fight a possible gambling problem. In addition, you can also choose to put in some deposit limits that you cannot cross.

Both these options, like the account closure, come with time limits that you cannot change after setting them. Bet365 takes its responsibility towards fighting gambling problems seriously and errs on the side of caution.