How to Close My Betway Account?

Are you wondering ‘how to close my Betway account?’. You may want to close your account with Betway India for many reasons. Maybe you want to play somewhere else, take a break, or just want to stop playing altogether. Whatever the reason may be, Betway makes it very easy for you to close your account.

How to close my Betway account?

There are two ways to close your Betway betting sites accounts:

  • You can either use the tools at the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section
  • You can get in touch with Customer service

Responsible Gambling

These are tools that are available for the users to make sure they stay in control of their gambling. One of the options that you have over there is ‘self-exclusion’. This basically ensures you do not have access to your account for a period that you yourself decide. It can even be forever.

  • Firstly, log in to your Betway account
  • Go to the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section
  • Click on Self-Exclusion. Choose between definite or indefinite self-exclusion.
  • Under definite Self-Exclusion you can choose to close your account for 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 6 months.
  • Under Indefinite Self-exclusion, you can permanently close your account.

Customer Service

You can email Betway at [email protected] or use their Live Chat feature to get in touch with the website. Once you tell them of your desire to close your account they will guide you. The customer support at Betway is usually very attentive and prompt so you should be able to get your work done quickly.

Make sure you choose your time limits carefully because it is not easy to change them once they are set. If, however, you do find yourself wanting to access your account again, it is possible. Gambling is fun, but a lot of people have trouble setting their limits. Make sure you gamble responsibly so that you do not go beyond your means. Have fun!