How to Deposit Money in Bet365 Using Skrill?

Skrill is a popular e-wallet that is can be used with Bet365 quite easily. People use Skrill or Neteller (another popular e-wallet) because their cards do not work directly at gambling websites. The same cards, however, do work with Skrill. So essentially, the e-wallet is an added step to deposit and withdraw money from Bet365. If you want to learn how to deposit money in Bet365 using Skrill, then read on.

How to deposit money in Bet365 using Skrill?

Follow these steps:

  • Login to your Bet365 account
  • Click on ‘Deposit’
  • Select Skrill from the different methods available. You will need to enter the amount you want to transfer and your choice of currency right here.
  • Click on ‘Make Deposit’. The website will now take you to Skrill.
  • Login to your Skrill account
  • Your transaction is now complete.

Make sure that the email account you are using at Skrill is the same as what you are using at Bet365. However, if that is not the case then you can add your Bet365 email to Skrill as a secondary address quite easily.

Are there any fees when you use Skrill to deposit money at Bet365?

Skrill does not charge anything for you to deposit money at Bet365 or any other website. It does, however, charge you when you deposit money from your card to your skrill account. That is less than 25 of the total so about Rs.2 per Rs.100.

Can you withdraw money from Bet365 to Skrill as well?

Yes, you can. Bet365 automatically tries to send money from the same source that was used to deposit the money in the first place. Skrill usually receives money from bet365 inside 24 hours of you placing the request.

In conclusion, Skrill is an excellent e-wallet that you can use with ease at Bet365. It works without a hitch and is not too expensive to use either.