How to Deposit Money on Your Chosen IPL Betting Site?

The IPL is the biggest T20 tournament in India and perhaps the world. It is so successful because the audience stretches from cricket die-hards to casual watchers. It is also the tournament on which a lot of people like to bet. Online betting in India has become so easy that everyone seems to be doing it! So, How to deposit money on your chosen IPL betting site? Let us show you the best method you can use.

How to deposit money on your chosen IPL betting site?

The exact method will depend on the betting site and so we are going to suggest something that works almost everywhere:

Use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill

An e-wallet is basically a third party system to link you and the IPL betting site. You use your bank card to deposit money to the e-wallet and from your e-wallet to your betting account. This may seem like an extra step, and it is, but Indian bank cards do not often work at betting sites.

Advantages of using an e-wallet:

  • You do not have to worry about card rejection
  • Deposits are instant
  • You can use this same method to withdraw your money as well
  • A lot of betting sites offer specific bonuses for e-wallet users that you can take advantage of

What else should you know?

There are no extra fees that you have to pay at the betting website but you do have to pay a small fee to the e-wallet company. This is usually around Rs. 2 per Rs.100 deposit and so nothing significant. You will also need to link your e-wallet to your betting account the first time you use it to deposit money. Some sites may ask you to verify that you are in fact the owner of the e-wallet account so be ready for that.