How to Download 22bet Android App?

Betting apps are not available in the official Google Play Store in India. This is because of the laws against gambling in India and also because Google does not want to take a risk. It is too big a company and too public a company to want to come in the public eye for any controversy and so is understandable. Where does that leave you? How to download 22bet Android app? Worry not! We have the answer. Read on.

How to download 22bet Android app?

  1. Go to from your phone.
  2. Click on ‘Download app for Android'
  3. Wait for the app to download and then click on ‘Open'
  4. You will get a security warning about installing apps from external sources. Ignore it and go ahead.
  5. You may need to go to your setting and change the slider to ‘allow' external app installation
  6. Click on ‘Install'
  7. The app will now install on your android phone and so you can start using it to place bets immediately!

22Bet is an excellent betting website. It realizes the importance of being able to provide a great mobile betting experience to Indians because that is how the large majority of the public accesses the internet. In addition, India is a very important market for 22Bet. It needs the Indian customers on its platform and so offers up some incredible promotions and bonuses to them.

How good is the 22Bet android app?

It is excellent. not only do you get access to every single feature of the website but you get a faster experience as well. Perhaps most importantly, the app is very stable and secure as well. It does not crash in the middle or freezes up, something that can be an issue with some of the other betting apps.

In conclusion, download the 22Bet android app and have fun!