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How to Download Cricheroes App?

Cricheroes is a small company when you compare it to something like cricbuzz or cricinfo. It does not have the financial backing of a major conglomerate and it came into the market much later than the other two. Perhaps, this is why it was forced to think differently and attack a portion of the market that was ignored by the big two. Cricheroes has been successful in becoming the go-to app for cricket-playing enthusiasts in India. How to download Cricheroes app?

That is very simple.

How to download Cricheroes app?

The Cricheroes app can be downloaded just like you would download any other app. Just go to the App Store (If you are an Apple user) or to the Play Store (If you are an Android user) and search for the app. It will pop right up after which you just have to press the download button.

The Cricheores app is a great asset for anyone who is even mildly serious about the cricket he or she plays. You can create your profile, score your matches, analyze your records, and keep a record of the improvement you are making. While this app is geared towards amateurs and small cricket tournament organizers, it can be used by just about anyone.

There are even some Pro features that you can unlock by paying a small amount of money, however, we found the free version to be adequate for the vast majority of the people. You will get access to scores and news of international cricket matches but that is not the focus of this app.

How to download Cricheroes app? Use the application store on your phone or head on over to the website where direct download links are available. Click on the link and you will be directed straight to the app store to be able to download the app.


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