How to Download Melbet India App?

Our phones have become the center of our lives. They are far more than just making phone calls especially in a country like India. 80% of the people in India only access the internet through their phones. That is something that the online casinos also know and this is why they optimize their sites to work flawlessly on the mobile internet. A part of that experience is to make world-class apps available to the customers. How to download Melbet India app? Well, that can be a bit tricky for new players but fear not, we have the answers!

How to download Melbet India app?

  1. Go to from your phone browser
  2. On the homepage, you will see a link to download the iOS or Android app
  3. Let us take the android app as an example since that is the overwhelmingly more popular operating system in India
  4. Clicking on the Android app link will begin the Android app APK download
  5. Once the download is complete, you will need to go to your downloads section and double click on it
  6. You will receive a security warning that you should ignore and continue
  7. If you don't already have the option of installing apps from external sources enabled then you need to go to the settings and do that as well
  8. The app will begin installation and soon the Melbet online casino will be at your fingertips

Melbet is a relatively new online casino and it knows the importance of having a good mobile app in India. We like the app for its speed and ease of use although we have seen it crash a few times while using it. That could be a phone-specific bug, however, since not too many other people seem to be complaining about it online.

Give it a go and have fun! Good luck!