How to Earn Money by Playing Rummy Online?

With real money games, it is now possible to make some quick money while having some fun at the same time. How to earn money by playing rummy online? While India has some of the strictest laws regarding gambling, which illegal in most parts of the country, certain games like Rummy are considered to be legal. Here is what you can do to earn some money while having a lot of fun!

How to earn money by playing rummy online?

There are a number of ways in which you can earn money while playing rummy online at trusted sites like Junglee Rummy or RummyCircle.

Join cash contests

The first and the most obvious way to earn money while playing online rummy is to participate in cash games or tournaments. The entry fees of such games may be as less as ₹5 to ₹25 and can go into hundreds or thousands of rupees, the returns on a win increase with higher entry fees.

Free tournaments

Many online rummy portals offer free tournaments which offer cash prizes. To be eligible to enter such tournaments, there are some criteria like depositing a certain amount of money in your account. These tournaments have no entry fees and offer a guaranteed prize pool.


Many rummy platforms offer incentives to their users for referring the game to family and friends. If they create an account using your referral code and make a cash deposit, you can receive a bonus amount in your gaming account.

Welcome bonus

All online rummy platforms offer a handsome welcome package to new users. The amount of bonus depends on your deposit amount and is often a 100% bonus subject to a maximum limit. Sites like Rummy Passion offer a ₹50 no deposit bonus, wherein you just need to verify your phone number and e-mail ID. Using this money, you can try your hand at online games.


How to earn money by playing rummy online? Online rummy provides multiple opportunities to win real money. However, one must understand that there is always a risk of losing money too, and should proceed carefully, keeping in mind the financial risks involved.