How to Edit Bet on Bet365?

The Edit Bet feature on Bet365 is just another example of the innovations it brings to its customers. How to edit bet on Bet365? It is quite easy. Before you start using this and some other more complex betting features of Bet365, however, we always recommend you spend some time with standard simple bets.

How to edit bet on Bet365?

  • Go to your Bet Slip
  • Click on ‘Edit Bet’ on the top right corner
  • You can now Add, Remove, or Change your selection/bet type
  • You can even increase your stake if you so want

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are using the ‘Edit Bet’ feature on Bet365.

  • Edit Bet is available for those selections where a ‘Cash Out’ is available
  • You can only use this feature before the settlement is complete
  • When you edit your bet, the new stake will be equal to the Cash Out value of the previous bet and so you want to be careful while using it
  • If, however, you are editing your bet pre-match without any change in the odds, your original bet amount will be the new stake
  • You can increase your stake but not decrease it
  • You can use the Edit Bet feature on a multiple bet selection like an accumulator even after one or two of your selections have come through

Should you use Edit Bet on Bet365?

We think so, however, we don’t think it should be something you plan on doing. Use it only when you make a mistake or you are getting a good amount for your Cash Out value. You can cash out early and then convert a potential loser into a winner with the Edit Bet feature. Don’t make this one a habit, though, because the odds are not very favorable.