How to Get 6 in Ludo King?

Ludo King has surged in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and has added hundreds of thousands of players. Ludo is a game based on luck (mostly) with a sprinkle of skill thrown in as well. Games can get very competitive and it is not uncommon for some pretty hostile circumstances around the family table!

Even though Ludo King has taken the game digital and is allowing people from all over the world to play against each other, the currency of Ludo remains the same. The dice dictates what you do and there is nothing more powerful than a ‘6'. How to get 6 in Ludo King? That is a question that a lot of you may be wondering.

How to get 6 in Ludo King?

This question has been asked many times because players that play the game suggest that the game times its ‘6' according to the situation. A player that is far ahead in the game may suddenly stop getting them while a player that seemingly had no chance to even come close will start getting 6's in a row to help make the game closer.

We have had the founder of Ludo King chime in and said that there is nothing that the game does to dictate the frequency of 6's or any other number on the dice show up. In fact, Ludo King has a Random Number Generator built into the game that spits out the number completely at random every single time.

This means that no one, not even someone at Ludo King, can affect the outcome of the dice.

How to get 6 in Ludo King? It appears like you are left to luck in this case since there is nothing that can influence the outcome of an RMN. Maybe pray a bit more or wear your lucky socks because that is all you can do!