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How to Get Bonus Bets on Sportsbet?

Everyone loves bonus bets! It is the closes you can get to free money without robbing someone and this is why users are always looking for them. Every single betting website or sportsbook offers plenty of bonuses to its users but some do a better job than others. Sportsbet is one of those websites which is generous in giving out bonus. So, how to get bonus bets on Sportsbet?

How to get bonus bets on Sportsbet

A bonus bet represents the dollar value that you can place on a bet. There are several ways that you can get bonus bets:

  • New registration
  • Weekly offers available on the site
  • Referring friends to the site
  • Promotional offers through email, Sportsbet app, or text messages
  • As prizes for winning certain contests or games

You must make sure you have opted in to receive promotional material from Sportsbet so you don’t miss out on bonus bets. Head on to the ‘My Account section’ and then to the ‘Settings’ tab to set your preferences.

Where do I see my bonus bets on Sportsbet?

The user interface is pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. To see your bonus bet just follow the instructions:

  • Go to ‘My Account’ from the home screen
  • There is a separate ‘Bonus Bets’ tab which you can click and view all available bonus bets as well as their date of expiry.

How to use bonuses on Sportsbet?

To use your bonus bets:

  • Click on a bet to pen the bet slip
  • Click on the ‘bonus bet’ button right below the box in which you enter your stake
  • Choose from the available bonus bets and place your bet

In conclusion, Sportsbet is an excellent website that is known for pampering its users with plenty of freebies. Now that you know how to get bonus bets on Sportsbet, you will never be short of them. They all come with some standard terms and conditions so make sure you read the fine print as well.