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How to Get Unlimited Coins in Ludo King?

Ludo King is one of the most popular gaming apps on the Android Play Store currently and is also available for the users of iOS as well as Windows devices. It brings back the nostalgia of the popular board game of Ludo, with a modern twist. One of the most enraging parts of playing Ludo King is earning coins. How to get unlimited coins in Ludo King?

There are many ways to earn the in-game currency of Ludo King. Find out how right here.

How to get unlimited coins in Ludo King?

There are a number of ways in which you can earn coins on the Ludo King app

Daily logins

When you log in to the Ludo King app on consecutive days, you earn coins as a bonus.

Spin the lucky wheel

Ludo King has a lucky wheel, which can be spin every four hours by the player, and get a shot at winning coins according to the result of the spin. Try using the feature regularly to maximize your winnings.

Higher value matches

The higher the amount you risk while playing a two-player or a four-player game, the bigger are the returns.

7 up 7 down

A feature similar to gambling, you can place bets using your coins on the outcome of two dices being rolled simultaneously. If your guess is correct, you can double or triple your wager.

Watching ads

Watching ads on the app will get you more coins. The more ads you watch, the more coins you will earn.

Download related apps

If you download the apps recommended by Ludo King, coins will automatically be credited to your account.

Download mods

There are a number of mods and hacks available on the internet, claiming to give a supply of unlimited coins. However, their authenticity cannot be guaranteed, and can often contain malware.


How to get unlimited coins in Ludo King? Consistently playing on the Ludo King app is the best way to earn coins. However, one must remember that it is a virtual currency, and cannot be redeemed for real money. It can only be used for in-app purchases like themes.

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