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How to Hack Ludo King?

Ludo King is the most popular ludo game in India but a fair margin. It has a very good user interface, features that make it very to play with your friends or just enjoy a game offline against the computer. A number of people have started to bet on the outcome of these ludo games or are trying to get as many ludo king coins as possible. For this purpose, there are some cheats and hacks that have been talked about online. How to hack Ludo King?

Let us try and see what is possible.

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How to hack Ludo King?

There was a famous hack on Ludo King not too long back where you could basically get as many coins as you want on the 7 up – 7 down game available on the Ludo King app. That hack has now been fixed and is no longer working. We have personally tried it!

There are other claims of being able to hack when and how many times the dice throws up a 6 in the game. That is just not true. Ludo King has a Random Number Generator that drives its servers and so every single throw of the dice is completely random. Even if someone manages to hack into the Ludo King servers, the RMN is a completely different and encrypted part of the game that cannot be tinkered with.

Also, we know it is obvious but is far more difficult to hack into the central servers of a game like Ludo King than something that runs locally on a phone.

How to hack Ludo King? Well, unfortunately, it does not look like there is an easy way or any way at all to be able to hack into Ludo king at this point in time. You have to play the game fairly and hope for some luck to be on your side.

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