How to Join Betway?

A lot of people want to bet online but are unsure how to do so. What is a good online betting website for Indians? Is it safe? Thankfully, we have an easy recommendation to make. Betway. It is one of the world’s best betting websites and functions perfectly in India. So, How to join Betway? It is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps.

How to join Betway?

  • Go to and click on ‘Join’
  • Follow the instructions and enter your details accurately. This is important because you will need to verify your details later.
  • Deposit some money into your account. There is no credit in online betting and so you must have money in your betting account to bet.
  • Select a betting market, enter your stake, and click on ‘place bet’

That is it! You are now a Betway customer and can bet on sports from around the world or play at the Betway casino.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Betway may ask you for some documents so that they can verify your identity. Something like an Aadhaar card or a passport should be enough.
  • You can deposit money using a number of different ways. Read about that in more detail right here.
  • You can bet before a match starts or live when it is still going on. This is called ‘in-play’ betting.

While you do not need any special skills to bet and win money, you should know how to read the betting odds accurately.

This is because you want to be able to calculate how much money you stand to make when you place your bet. It will also help you understand what the bookmaker thinks will happen. There will be occasions when you spot an easy money-making opportunity and that is the time to strike! Best of luck!