How to Learn Cricket Betting?

How to learn cricket betting?

Betting on cricket, or on any sport is illegal in India. However, a number of punters still placed bets with illegal bookies in an effort to win big, while a vast majority of people stayed away from it, fearing the law. But now, thanks to online betting sites, it is possible to bet on cricket `legally´ and discreetly, and a number of punters are trying them out. How to learn cricket betting?

Let’s have a look at some of the basics of cricket betting.

How to learn cricket betting?

In order to learn cricket betting, you must get your basics of betting clear, and have a proper understanding of

  • What do cricket betting odds mean, and how do they work.
  • Terminologies used in cricket betting.
  • Different types of bets.
  • Which matches to bet on.
  • How to make different selections.
  • How to fill in the bet slip and place wagers

Once you get the basics of betting right, you will need to follow the game of cricket passionately, keeping yourself updated about the latest team news, player forms, and injuries. For that, you can rely on popular cricketing blogs, as well as expert tips and analysis on sites like ESPN Cricinfo or Cricbuzz.

Remember, betting on a `hunch´ or `intuition´ is never a good idea. Although you may win at times, you will end up losing your bets more often. A sound betting career is based on years of research and understanding of the game, teams, and players.

How to learn cricket betting? It is also important to know the historical performances of teams in head-to-head encounters. Sites like Cricviz and FanCode have in-depth statistics regarding teams’ historical performances. Although past records are no guarantee for future performances, they can always guide you towards a better and most likely choice.

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