How to Place a Football Accumulator Bet?

There are different kinds of bets that you can place on a football match. While the most common bet is the simple win/lose/draw bet, accumulators have started to become very popular as well. How to place a football accumulator bet? That is quite easy and we think you would like to know since you can win a huge amount of money by betting a small amount.

Read on to understand how it works.

How to place a football accumulator bet?

The accumulator bet is offered by every major bookmaker including bet365, 1xbet, betway, and others. We tend to find the best options at 1xbet and so we think people who want to explore this kind of bet should make an account at 1xbet.

To place an accumulator bet, head on over to the betting markets for a particular match. 1xbet has a clear and easy to find section with the accumulator bets. The idea behind this kind of bet is that you make multiple selections, usually more than 4, to get some excellent odds.

The risk is that all four of your selections have to come through. Even if one turns out to be wrong then you do not win anything.

For example, there are four English Premier League matches going on. You pick the winner of all four and combine it into an accumulator bet to get excellent odds. Three of your picks are right but one of them turns out to be wrong. You end up getting nothing while individually you would have won three bets.

The lure of this added risk is the astronomical odds that can turn $10 into thousands of dollars by the time your bets pay out. Also, the more selections you include in your accumulator, the more money you stand to win. How to place a football accumulator bet? Now you know!