How to Play Mangatha?

Mangatha is a popular traditional Indian betting game. It is very similar to Andar-Bahar and only has small differences to it in terms of the actual gameplay. How to play Mangatha? If you have ever played Andar-Bahar then you will immediately know how to play Mangatha as well.

Here is how the game is played.

How to play Mangatha?

Mangatha is a South Indian version of Andar-Bahar (although some may argue that Mangatha came into being first!). You just require a minimum of two people and one deck of cards to be able to play Mangatha. Everyone who is playing lays down their bet on the table. Traditionally, this game was played with tamarind seeds, however, now hard cash is the way to go!

The dealer will ask one of the players to pick a number and whether the card will fall ‘Ullae' (in) or ‘Veliye' (out). If there are just two players then the other player must hope that the person picked wrong but if there are multiple players then the players are allowed to choose as well.

Once the picks have been made, the dealer will start throwing down the cards one at a time alternating between Ullae and Vilaye, until the card with the number picked comes up. That is it! It is quite simple to play and almost identical to Andar Bahar.

In fact, apart from the different nomenclature, the practice of picking a number rather than a card at random at the start of the game seems to be the most important difference between the two games. These betting games are simple and very popular which is why you can find them on leading betting sites such as betway, 10cric, and others.

How to play Mangatha? Just read the simple explanation above and you will be all set to go!