How to Play Online Rummy in Tamilnadu?

Rummy is one of the few card games that are legal to play in India for real money. In a 2015 judgment,  the Supreme Court of India said that playing rummy online for real money cannot be considered gambling, leading to a surge in online rummy platforms. How to play online rummy in Tamil? As many Indians are not well versed with English, they would definitely prefer a rummy site offered in regional languages. Let’s find out how you can play in Tamil, one of the most widely used languages in South India.

How to play online rummy in Tamil?

Many popular online rummy platforms like Rummyculture, Adda52Rummy, and RummyCircle allow users to change the language to Indian regional languages, including Tamil. In most cases, you will find the option to change the site language at the top of the webpage or the app.

How to play online rummy in Tamil? Alternately, if a rummy site is not available in Tamil, you can still change the language if you are accessing the site from the Google Chrome web browser. You can tap on the three dots arranged vertically in the top right corner of the screen, and select `translate´ from the drop-down menu. You will be shown a list of languages. Select `Tamil´ and the entire page will automatically be translated to Tamil. However, the translations may be a bit `off´ in some cases.

Online rummy in Tamil Nadu

As mentioned above, playing rummy for money is legal in India, but the states are empowered to frame their own laws. Recently, Tamil Nadu amended its existing law, the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act of 1930 to include online gaming as well. Citing increased incidences of addiction to such games, and even suicides due to financial losses while playing real money games, the state has banned all real money games played online, including Rummy.

Therefore, while the residents of the state can access online rummy platforms and play free games, they are not allowed to participate in real-money contests.