How to Play Online Rummy in Telangana?

How to Play Online Rummy in Telangana

How to play online rummy in Telangana? Rummy is one of the handfuls of games, which have been classified as a `game of skillยด by the Supreme Court of India, thus making it exempt from the existing gaming laws of the country. This has paved the way for online gaming platforms like Junglee Rummy to legally offer rummy as a real money game to Indian players.

How to play online rummy in Telangana?

While it is legal to play online real money rummy games according to the central law, states in India have been empowered by the Constitution to frame their own laws regarding the same.

Exercising these powers, the state of Telangana has recently amended its gaming law, the Telangana Gaming Act of 1974. According to this amendment which was passed in 2017, it is now illegal to play any real money games, including Rummy, inline. Therefore, no online rummy platform offers real money contests to the residents of Telangana.

Those who are found playing such online games may face imprisonment of up to 6 months, and/or a fine of up to โ‚น3000.

However, one can still play the free version of the game online, which does not require any entry fees, and does not award any cash rewards.

Why is real money online Rummy banned in Telangana

The government has cited instances of addiction, financial losses, and even suicides linked to mounting debts accrued by online gaming addiction in the public, especially in the younger population, as a reason for banning real money gaming contests.

Proxy servers

How to play online rummy in Telangana? In some cases, it may be possible to enter real-money contests by using VPNs or proxy sites to log in. However, such users will face a problem at a later stage, when they are looking to withdraw funds, and also at the verification or KYC stage.

Also, there is always a looming risk of fine or imprisonment if you are caught doing so. It is therefore advisable for the residents of Telangana to stick to the free contests, which are legally allowed.


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