How to Play Real Cricket 20?

Smartphones are our constant companions and are with us 24×7. We rely on them for everything, including entertainment and gaming. For Indians, cricket is the most popular sport, and we play cricket everywhere, be it `gully cricket´ or on our smartphones. One of the most popular cricket game apps is Real Cricket 20. How to play Real Cricket 20?

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How to play Real Cricket 20?

To play Real Cricket 20, you will first need to download the app from either the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Once downloaded, you can either log in using your Facebook or Google account or sign in as a guest. Once logged in, you can either play a quick match, or you can play multiplayer games. If you are a premium member, you can also play tournaments like the World Cup or World Test Championships.

Select the Quick match option, as it is the simplest format and best for getting a feel of the app. In the Quick match mode, you can choose to play from a number of different formats, including international games, Under 19, Aussie 20-20, Masters, RC Premier League, Pakistan League, Bangladesh League, etc. Once you decide on the format, you can choose your teams,

After the team selection, you will have to select the ground, type of wicket, weather conditions, length of innings, as well as difficulty level.

How to play Real Cricket 20? Once you select the details of the game, you will be presented with the playing XI as well as the squad. You can add or omit players according to your requirements.

The game will begin with the toss, and you will be asked to make a call for either heads or tails. If you win the toss, you can either choose to bat or bowl, and the game begins.