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How to Play Virtual Cricket on Dafabet?

You may have heard about a lot of different types of cricket like Test Cricket, ODI Cricket, and T20 Cricket but have you heard of Virtual Cricket? As the name suggests, Virtual Cricket can only be played online and is a lot of fun.

One of the best parts about it is that anyone can play it even if they do not know much about cricket! How to play Virtual Cricket on Dafabet? Well, Dafabet India is one of the leading sportsbooks in the world and it offers a compelling version of virtual cricket on its website.

How to play Virtual Cricket on Dafabet?

Virtual Cricket is just one of the many different virtual sports that are on offer at Dafabet. You can even play football, tennis, golf, basketball, and more. A virtual sport is one that is entirely played out by a computer simulation and you only get to see a few highlights followed by the result.

Let us take the example of cricket. You will be asked to select two teams (Like India vs Australia) and then select the duration of the match or other such particulars about the match. You just have to press the start button and everything else is going to be done by the computer.

Dafabet has fair, random, and trustworthy simulations that do not have access to the bets you are placing before the simulation is processed. This way you can be sure that the result you get is absolutely fair and not rigged in favor of the bookmaker.

How to play Virtual Cricket on the betting sites of Dafabet? It is as simple as pressing a button. Head on over to and search for the Virtual sports section. You can then choose to play whichever sport you enjoy or want to try out. Knowing how to play the sport has nothing to do with it.

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