How to Read Betting Lines Football?

How to read betting lines football?

Football being the most followed sport around the world, it is obviously the sport on which the maximum number of bets are placed. To have a shot at winning your bets, one needs to understand the basics of football betting. How to read betting lines football? Let’s find out right now.

How to read betting lines football?

Betting lines are a way in which some sort of parity is achieved for the odds of both contesting teams, especially when one team is an underdog and is most likely to lose. The betting line gives a handicap to the stronger team and gives a better chance for the underdog team.

Let’s have a look at a real-world scenario to understand the betting line better.

When Manchester United is playing against Newcastle United, the Manchester team is much stronger compared to their opponents and is most likely to win. In such cases, there will hardly be anyone backing Newcastle to win the game, and odds will be highly skewed in favor of Manchester United.

In order to balance the odds, a bookie will make a betting line, or in this case, the minimum number of goals by which Manchester should beat Newcastle. If the betting line is set at 2, it means that Manchester should beat their opponents by at least 2 goals. The outcomes on both the side of their betting line have similar or equal odds.

The betting line of two goals has provided a level playing field, and placed a handicap of two goals on the Manchester United team.

How to read betting lines football? Betting line odds are usually displayed with a `minus´ or a `plus´ sign before the number. A `minus´ sign shows the amount which you will win if you wager ₹100, while a `plus´ sign will show the amount that you will win if you bet ₹100.

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