How to Read Betting Odds Football?

If you are a football lover and thinking of having a go at football betting, one of the first things that you need to understand is betting odds, as your return on wagers will be determined by these odds. How to read betting odds football? Let’s try to understand it in this article.

How to read betting odds football?

Most online bookies give a choice to punters, as to how they would like the odds to be displayed. Odds for a football match can be displayed in three major ways

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • American odds


Fractions are the most commonly used odds display in the UK and Ireland and are probably the easiest to read, especially if you are a new punter.

For example, in a game between Manchester United and Burnley FC, if the odds of Burnley winning are displayed as 5/1, it is read as `five to one´. It means that for every ₹100 that you bet on Burnley to win, you will win ₹500. This means you will get back ₹600 ( ₹500 is your winning amount + ₹100 your original stake).


Odds are displayed in decimals in most European countries, except for UK and Ireland. To calculate the return on your stake, you can simply multiply the stake amount with the odds displayed in decimals.

For example, if you bet ₹100 on Liverpool to win a match at the odds of 1.7, you will get back 100 x 1.7, i.e. ₹ 170. The initial stake is included in the total amount.

American odds

Also known as `moneyline´ odds, these are quite popular in the US. The odds are displayed with either a `minus´ sign or a `plus´ sign before a number.

In a game between Manchester United and Newcastle, the odds may be displayed in the American style as

Manchester United -560

Newcastle +380

It means that if you want to bet on Manchester to win, you will have to bet ₹ 560 to win ₹ 100, while if you are backing Newcastle to win, you can win ₹ 380 for every ₹ 100 that you bet. How to read betting odds football? We hope this article made it clear!