How to Redeem Comp Points Bet365?

Bet365 is a hugely popular and one of the best betting sites India. Not only does it offer safety and peace of mind but it also offers a world-class gaming experience to the customers. One little known fact about playing at Bet365 bonus is that you start to earn comp points as soon as you join. Every single time you play a qualifying casino game, you earn points. Win or lose. Let us teach you how to redeem comp points that Bet365 gives you.

Comp points Bet365

Comp points are nothing but loyalty points. These can be pretty frugal and are not worth too much individually. Over a period of time, though, they can add up to some real money and so you need to keep track of them.

You can use these comp points to play more at the Bet365 casino, however, most people prefer to withdraw them as real money.

 How to redeem comp points Bet365?

  • Login to your bet365 account
  • Search for loyalty scheme on the website
  • Go to ‘My comp points’
  • You can see your total comp points at the bottom

Comp points can be converted to real money in units of 100. The exact conversion can vary with the currency so make sure you check.

If you have more than 100 com points available, just click on the button and convert it into real money.

Are Bet365 comp points good?

Free money is never bad right? We think of comp points as an extra. Do not play games for comp points because they are not worth it. However, these comp points are going to accumulate in the background without you doing anything so there is nothing wrong with them.

You may have Rs.1000-2000 in your account without lifting a finger. Free to withdraw whenever you want. We don't think anyone is going to be complaining about that!