How to Redeem Ludo King Coins?

Ludo King is the number one Ludo betting app in India right now. While ludo as a game is popular in India, the Ludo App market is quite crowded and to emerge as the most popular choice shows you are doing something right. In the long run, it appears as if Ludo King wants to develop an ecosystem of sorts with some mini-games and other ‘quests' included. This is why it is developing its in-app currency and adding more features to it. How to redeem Ludo King coins?

There are a couple of options available right now and we think it is just a matter of time before more are added.

How to redeem Ludo King coins?

Coins and Diamonds are the two in-game currencies available when you play Ludo King. Coins can be used to play online matches with one or more players. in general, the higher-skilled an opponent, the more a match against him or her will cost in Ludo King coins.

You can also use the Ludo King coins to purchase different themes and character personalization.

These are the two options available right now. Diamonds can be used to purchase an additional dice roll or to prevent your opponent from using this option. In terms of the effect that they have on the game, the Diamonds are much more important than Ludo King coins at the moment.

You can also use Ludo King coins to play mini-games inside the app. There is a slot-like option where you can stake your Ludo King coins for a chance to win more and a lot many more games are expected to come in the future as well.

How to redeem Ludo King coins? You can spend them on in-game purchases and facilitate games against online players. More options are expected to be added soon.