How to Trade in Cricket Betting?

Betting involves a lot of luck. Even though you can increase your chances of winning a bet by conducting proper research, there are a lot of factors that are not under the control of the punters. However, bettors have devised strategies to ensure that they end up on the winning side more often. One such betting strategy is trading. How to trade in cricket betting?

Let’s try to understand that right here.

How to trade in cricket betting?

Trading is similar to hedging a bet, but not from the start of the game. Traders usually place two bets, one `back´ bet at the start of the match, and another `lay´ bet after a certain stage of the game, in order to take the advantage of the fluctuations in the odds.

For a successful trade, the pre-match odds should be relatively stable. Volatile pre-match odds may not give the punters a good entry point for the trade.

Let’s have a look at an example.

In a cricket game between India and Australia, pre-match odds show that Australians are the favorites to win the game, at the odds of 1.35. The bettor believes that the top order of the Indian batting lineup is weak, and they would like to back Australia to win while they bowl.

Once India is batting, and the punter’s prediction turns out to be correct, they may lose quick wickets at the start of the innings. This will considerably shorten the odds for the Australian team. A trader at this juncture would hedge their bets by placing a `lay´ bet against Australia.

Now, thanks to the hedging of bets, no matter what the result of the game would be, the trader will stand to make a profit.

How to trade in cricket betting? Trading is possible in betting exchanges as they accept both `back´ and `lay´ bets. Also, shorter formats like T20s are the favorites among traders as the odds can change pretty quickly.