How to Transfer Money from Bet365 to Skrill?

How to transfer money from Bet365 to Skrill?

There are a number of ways to deposit and withdraw money at Bet365. One of the most popular ways is to use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill. In fact, both of these companies have the same set of owners! These wallets can be used with any Indian bank and at any betting website so they are very convenient. In this article, we will teach you how to transfer money from Bet365 to Skrill.

Withdrawing money from Bet365 using Skrill

  • Go the services menu
  • Select Withdraw
  • If you have made a deposit via Skrill, all the money you withdraw will be sent to that same account
  • That is it. The money will be in your account shortly.

The process is very easy but you do have to be aware of a few things:

  • Bet365 does not charge any fees when you withdraw money using Skrill, however, you will have to pay around Rs.500 to transfer money from Skrill to your bank account.
  • Bet365 says it will transfer your money to Skrill within-24 hours but the process is near-instant in most cases.
  • You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.350 or a maximum of Rs.20 Lakh using Skrill at one time so there is plenty of room for all kinds of players!

In conclusion, using Skrill is an easy and quick method to get your money quickly. It helps you bet at places where your card does not work directly. Now that you know how to transfer money from Bet365 to Skrill you can play with your mind at ease.

Just keep in mind the fees that you have to pay while depositing and withdrawing money so you do not get a rude shock. For most players, the fee is small enough to not matter but for some, it may be more than what they are willing to pay.

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