How To Unlock My Betway account?

How to unlock my Betway account?

There are many reasons why Betway has to lock your account. If you are wondering ‘how to unlock my Betway account' then you are at the right place. Read the following reasons and solutions to find your answer.

How to unlock my Betway account?

  1. You are in a different country and want to use Betway – You can only use your Betway account in your home country. Betway will lock it if you try to access it from abroad. If that is the case, you can get in touch with the website and unlock it once you are back home.
  2. You put a limit on your account – Betway allows its users to limit access to their account by using ‘Responsible Gambling‘ tools. Now, however, you cannot access your account until the time-limit is over but in some cases, customer care may be able to help.
  3. You have a duplicate Betway account – You can only have one account at Betway. If you do try to make two and Betway discovers it, both (or all) your accounts will cease to be active. Get in touch with customer care to unlock any one of those accounts.
  4. You have forgotten your username/password – Go to the website or the mobile app and click on ‘forgot login'. You will receive a link to reset the password on your email address.
  5. Too many wrong entries while trying to log-in – Similar to the above reason. For security purposes, Betway will lock your account if you make too many wrong attempts to log-in. You can contact customer service and they can rest your log-in attempts.
  6. Your account verification is not complete – This is something every Betway account needs to go through. Without this, Betway has no option but to lock your account. Most verifications are done online but some may need physical mail-in proof as well.

Betway makes it very easy to get your account back as it is in its interest to do so. Just get in touch with their customer service. Good luck!