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How to Verify Bet365 Account from Bangladesh?

Bet365 has to verify every account on its site to comply with the law. It ensures that there is no illegal source of money or other shady activity going on. The KYC process is very simple as long as you are truthful. After all, Bet365 does not want to turn away good customers, it just wants to pick out the bad ones. So, how to verify Bet365 account from Bangladesh?

How to verify Bet365 account from Bangladesh?

You will need one form of identity proof and one form of address proof to verify your account, however, something universal like a passport can fulfill both. It works best and will speed up the process.

To verify your account with Bet365:

  • Firstly, log in to your Bet365 account
  • Go the ‘Members’ section under services
  • You will see a ‘My Account’ option here. Click on it.
  • Select ‘KYC’ under this section
  • Choose Passport as your method of choice
  • Follow the instructions
  • That is it

How to upload documents for account verification at Bet365?

The fastest way is to upload your documents at the KYC section of the website but you can use e-mail as well. You can also get in touch with the agents at ‘Live Chat'.

How long does it take to verify your Bet365 account?

This can vary from case to case. If you are using your passport, you can complete your account verification instantly. In some cases, Bet365 may ask for more information and so it is better to have an identity proof like a driving license, national identity card, or similar apart from your address proof.

Only a few users need to provide this extra information.

In conclusion, your account with Bet365 will have limits on deposits and withdrawal until the verification is complete. This is why we advise users to start the process right after making their accounts. In addition, you must always use the correct information while signing up. Good luck!

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