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How to Watch Live Football on Bet365?

There are several perks when you make an account with a company like Bet365. They have the money and resources to buy streaming rights for several sports, including football, and then let their users watch for free. That’s right! You do not have to pay anything to watch live sports on Bet365, however, there is a catch. So, how to watch live football on Bet365? Let’s find out.

Live Sports on Bet365

This feature is unique to Bet365 and something that makes it a cut above every other betting website out there. If you are a Bet365 customer, you can just go to the ‘Live-Streaming’ tab and see everything that is available for you to watch.

The content varies from country to country as per the rights that Bet365 has. Often they cannot broadcast the sport in the host country.

For example, Bet365 may be able to show Live La Liga matches in India but not in Spain, where the matches are being played. Football, Horse racing, cricket, and motorsports are some of the popular sports available on Bet365.

How to watch live football on Bet365?

  • Make an account with Bet365
  • You must have some funds in your account or place a bet within 24 hours before the Live-Stream
  • Go to the ‘Live Streaming’ tab that is right there on the home screen
  • Click on the football matches live and they will start streaming

In addition, there is a video icon next to every single sport that you Bet365 will show live. This icon will turn yellow once the event has started and you can click on it to start watching as well.

Can you bet while watching live sports?

Of course, you can. Bet365 makes it very easy to switch between the live-action and the betting markets so you can do both with ease. Have fun!


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