How to Withdraw Money from Bet365 to Indian Bank Account?

Are you unsure how to withdraw money from Bet365 to Indian bank account? You do not have to worry. It is extremely simple and does not require you to be a rocket scientist either! Just follow a few simple steps.

How to withdraw money from Bet365 to Indian bank account?

  • Login to your Bet365 account
  • Click on your user name and to the ‘Members’ section
  • Navigate to the ‘Services’ menu
  • Select Bank
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then press confirm

That is it. You must know that Bet365 will always try to send you the money via the same way it got it. For example, If you deposit money using a Bank Wire then that is how you will receive it. If, however, you deposit money from an e-wallet like Neteller, then that is how you will get it back.

Whichever method you get your money by, you can then transfer it to your bank.

These are the methods by which you can withdraw money from Bet365 in India:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire

Most importantly, Bet365 does not charge you any fees for withdrawal so you can select your method of choice. You do need to meet the minimum amount criteria for your method of choice, though.

Like a lot of people, you may use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill to deposit your money. If that is the case, you will receive your funds in the same account. You can easily transfer it to your bank account from there. It may seem like an extra step but the speed with which you get your money is worth it.

Also, you need to make sure that the verification process for your account is complete. Without that, you cannot withdraw any money from your account. Good luck!