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India vs Pakistan Test match at Melbourne Cricket Ground?

After hosting the marquee T20 World Cup clash between the two sides earlier this year, the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has expressed interest in hosting a Test match between India and Pakistan.

Victoria's government and the Melbourne Cricket Ground's management have recently inquired with Cricket Australia (CA) about hosting the high-profile Test.

India vs Pakistan Test Match 2023

Stuart Fox, chief executive of the MCC, revealed the team's intent to host the Test following the success of the T20 World Cup match in October. There were more than 90,000 people in the stadium that watched the match.

Absolutely. Three (Tests) in a row would be lovely at the MCG. You’d fill it every time. We have asked,” Fox was quoted as saying by SEN radio.

We’ve taken that up with Cricket Australia. I know the (Victoria) government has as well. Again, it’s enormously complicated from what I can understand, amongst a really busy schedule. So I think that’s probably the greater challenge.

“Wouldn’t it be great that it wasn’t just Australia-centric and Victoria-centric, that we’re catering for all the countries and filling the stadium all the time. So we have asked.

It is now up to CA to pursue the matter with ICC

Hopefully, Cricket Australia will keep taking it up with the ICC and keep pushing for it. When you do see some of the stadiums around the world unoccupied, I think it would be much better to have a full house and that atmosphere and celebrate the game with full houses,” Fox said.

The last bilateral Test match between India and Pakistan took place in 2007. ICC or Asian Cricket Council tournaments have been the only occasions both sides have faced each other since then.

I’ve never seen anything like it at the MCG, that India-Pakistan game was something else,” Fox said.

The atmosphere, I’ve never felt it like that. The noise after every ball was just phenomenal and the families and children and everyone enjoyed it.

“I think if we can be more inclusive and make sure that we cater to all cultures, we’ve got to tap into that Pakistan community next year. We want them here and that would be fantastic to have a full house on day one,” he added.

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