Is 10cric Legal?


Online casinos in India are now operating freely and getting a huge number of customers. The one question, though, at the back of everyone's minds is whether such activity is legal. 10cric, for example, is one of India's biggest online casinos with lakhs of customers. Is 10cric legal? That is a tricky question and can be interpreted in different ways.

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Is 10cric legal?

Strictly speaking, online casinos in India have not been outlawed or banned by any law in India. In fact, most of the online casinos are registered outside India and do not have any servers in the country. Do they even come under Indian laws, then?

That is the question to be answered by the courts because ultimately they are the final authority.

In our own opinion, 10cric is as legal as any other online casino in India. It is a safe place to play with a proven track record of delivering quality to its customers. We know for a fact that 10cric pays out its customers every single time and makes every effort to help them out in case of any confusion or procedural trouble.

Gambling in India has been banned by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Yes, that's right. This is a British era law that is still being held up in modern day India! Now, when the act was formulated, there was no internet and so there was no concept of an online casino. This is why there is no such things mentioned in the act.

That is a loophole for sure but that is the one being exploited by every online casino in India.

Also, it is a fact that Indian authorities have no ways of forcing any of these online casinos, 10cric included, to ask them to comply with them since they have no jurisdiction in their registered countries. Is 10cric legal? We think it is but that answer is best left to legal experts.


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