Is 1xbet Legal in Andhra Pradesh?

Is 1xbet legal in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh has been in the news recently among the gaming circles. It has enacted a new gaming Bill that it illegal to play any sort of game where a transaction of money has to take place online illegal. That means any sort of online betting website, fantasy sports app (like Dream11, MPL), tambola, or CS:GO competition is technically illegal for people to play at. Interestingly, Andhra has not specified any particular website or app as being illegal. So, Is 1xbet legal in Andhra Pradesh?

That can be a bit of gray area. Read on for more.

Is 1xbet legal in Andhra Pradesh?

1xbet is a world-renowned betting website and online casino with roots in Russia and Eastern Europe. In recent times, though, the website has grown to be extremely popular among all of Europe and even Asia. A lot of people in India use 1xbet as their primary sportsbook because of the w2ide number of betting markets it offers and the fantastic coverage it gives to every major sport around the world (including cricket).

As of now, if you are in Andhra, you can use 1xbet but there are a couple of other major online sportsbooks that have closed their doors to people from that region. Bet365 is one of the big names that has stopped accepting customers from Andhra and is actively closing down the accounts of existing members from that state.

Is 1xbet legal in Andhra Pradesh? Technically, it is but if you are from Andhra and somehow the authorities get to know that you are playing on the website then you can get in trouble. That is the same with playing at any other online casino, sportsbook, or fantasy sports app.

This is why you have to see whether you are willing to take that risk or not. Actually applying this law and finding out the names of people playing at 1xbet is next to impossible because the website does not share any information with Indian authorities.

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