Is AstroPay Safe in India?

India is a country where online betting and online gambling exists in a bit of gray area. The laws around gambling in India are not clear and this is why the payment systems are not very well established. Indian banks block their cards from being used at online casinos making life difficult for Indian bettors. One of the payment methods that are very well accepted is Astropay. It is a pre-paid card that can be used freely at most online casinos. Is AstroPay safe in India? Let us find out.

Is AstroPay safe in India?

Yes, we have no hesitation ins saying that Atsropay is safe in India. In fact, it is perhaps safer than using your own bank card as well. This is because Atropay keeps your banking information safe and never shares it with any other entity. It also gives you an added layer of anonymity that is important in transactions like these.

Size is everything when it comes to online payment methods. The bigger a company, the more widely accepted it is going to be and the more resources it will have at its disposal to secure your transactions. Astropay is the biggest prepaid card company in the world. Not just India but the world.

This alone gives us a lot of confidence because you can be sure that your card is not going to become redundant if you keep it with for some time. The Astropay card can be bought very easily from India and loaded with the currency of your choice.

You should also not have any problem using your existing bank cards to buy it. This extra layer of security and the convenience that you get with it makes Astropay one of our favorite payment methods for people from India. Try it yourself. Good luck.